“Visuals are the leaves of the tree, and the social system is the tree branches behind them. At a time when design is more concerned with society, images should also ‘go out’ to form a new narrative.” My Practice is pro-social, design-emphasized, with a focus on diverse visual design, which empowers community and social innovation to creates cultural narratives, some of them have been adopted by the UN Chinese Language Day, NUARD, BIFF, shortlisted for international competitions such as TDC, JAGDA, KTK, etc.

MA, Visual Communication
Tsinghua University

BA, Visual Communication
Wuhan University of Technology


2022/11/30 – 12/12
JAGDA International Student Poster Exhibition
Showroom 2AB, The National Art Center Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

2023/5/28 – 6/11
Five-years Exhibition of Rural Revitalization
The Main Building 1F Lobby & SA Building 1F Exhibition Hall, Tsinghua University
Beijing, China

2024/5/24 – 6/6
Family Folding, Graduate Exhibition of Academy of Art and Design
AAD Art Center Hall, Tsinghua University
Beijing, China

Awards 50+

Shanghai Pan-Tongji Knowledge Economy Zone Logo Competition 2nd Prize

New York TDC Youngones TDC Award

Kan Tai-Keung Design Award
Bronze Award / Nominating Award of AGI Judges

Projects 100+

United Nations Chinese Language Day Jacob Rosenfeld Memorial Exhibition
United Nations Headquarters, Vienna
Visual Design / Materials

Film Public Welfare Development Forum Junan Session, Beijing International Film Festival
Beijing Film Academy Huairou Campus, Beijing
Visual Design / Dynamic Effect

Beijing Jieshan Urban Regeneration Exhibition
Jie Shan Community Service Centre, Beijing
Visual Design / Content Research


Sharing in Department of Humanities and Sociology of Tsinghua SIGS as National Scholarship Nominator

Appearing in New Year’s Eve Gala of China Central Television 1 (CCTV-1) as Tsinghua Representative

Sharing in Survival Report of China’s Post-90s Graphic Designers on Design 360°- Concept and Design Magazine Vol. 107